Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NBC and News Corp. launch joint video venture

For NBC and News Corp. the hook was simple enough. By pooling their content (along with shows from cable channels including Bravo, E!, the SciFi Channel, USA and others) on their own website, they could create a relatively safe haven from piracy while still getting their hottest shows in front of an internet audience. From that central idea, the assembled parties designed Hulu, drawing on the elements that made broadcast television a success -- a closed platform, and regularly updated content and advertising. The most glaring difference between Hulu and its would-be peers is the lack of an upload option. Since the site is a promotional tool for its owners, the focus is entirely on distributing premium content. There's no option for users to upload content, remix it or produce their own mashups. On Hulu, the networks are running the show.


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