Friday, October 19, 2007

Despite Pricing Offer, 500K Get Radiohead Album via P2P

Despite the fact that Radiohead is letting fans pay whatever they choose -- including nothing -- to download its new album from its website, more than 500,000 have downloaded the album for free off of the BitTorrent file-sharing network since its release, reported, citing data from peer-to-peer monitoring firm Big Champagne. On the first day "In Rainbows" was made available for download alone, some 240,000 illegal downloads were tracked on BitTorrent, compared with the 1.2 million sales of the album on the band's site, as reported by "People don't know Radiohead's site. They do know their favorite BitTorrent site and they use it every day," Big Champagne CEO Eric Garland told "It's quite simply easier for folks to get the illegal version than the legal version." Article

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