Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online Piracy

Source: A very interesting article with the co-founder of Scribd, an online file sharing network that has gotten a lot of attention for users posting copies of books. An except from the interview is as follows...

WW: This is off topic, but how fast do you guys pick up on content that has copyrights?

Alder: There are two ways, one is in our copyright software, so anything that's been taken down before gets automatically flagged as a copyright violation. So for example, we were getting Harry Potter books every single week. Now that the filter is up, if you tried to upload it you'd get a message that says 'you cannot put that up.' And then we also do anything that people notify us about, either users or through the DMCA. And then occasionally if something is really obviously copyrighted, like a book we remove it. We try not to police our own site though, because it's really hard to tell.

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