Friday, October 5, 2007

Web Comics with Ads on ComicMix

Launched earlier this year by a group of veteran comics editors and digital entrepreneurs, thecomics and pop culture news Web site is about to start a new online publishing service. Beginning this week, ComicMix will publish a variety of serialized original comics online that will be supported by advertising. Fans can read the serialized comics for free and as each series ends, the works will be collected and released in trade paperback and hardcover editions.

ComicMix editor-in-chief Mike Gold, a comics packager, former group editor at DC Comics and a 30-year veteran of the comics industry, said ComicMix plans to use online technology to transform comics publishing by reducing publisher costs and retailer risk and cultivating new readers online. He said the site will use the Web to publish genres beyond superheroes, in an effort to attract readers to the site and ultimately to bricks-and-mortar comics shops and bookstores to buy print editions of works they've already sampled. Article

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miriam parker said...

Our forthcoming book THE SHOOTING WAR began this way at There is now a huge community of web comics folks that we will be targeting when that book is published.