Friday, October 5, 2007

Band allows fans to pay any price they want for album

Fans of U.K. rock band Radiohead looking to pay whatever price they chose to pre-order a download of the band's new album crashed the site on Monday, but most are deciding to pay close to retail price band spokesman Murray Chalmers told the BBC. is now back up after crashing for a stint on Monday. While the digital version of "In Rainbows" will be released on Oct. 10, the band is allowing fans to pre-order and pay any price they choose. "Although the idea is that you can decide what you want to pay, most people are deciding on a normal retail price with very few trying to buy it for a penny," Chalmers told the BBC.The band is also accepting pre-orders for an $80 "discbox" version, that includes the album on CD and heavyweight vinyl, and bonus materials like extra tracks and a hardcover booklet.A standalone CD version of the album will also be released next year. Article

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