Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Motricity's eReader.com Launches Over-The-Air Delivery to Simplify eBook Delivery

The new eReader Pro for Windows Mobile technology will be offered for free by the company and Motricity has said they will continue to invest in its innovative eReader Technology and will support OTA delivery on additional operating systems in the near future. Alex Bloom (News - Alert), general manager of Motricity’s Smartphone operations said in a press release, “We are taking innovative steps to raise consumer adoption of eBooks by simplifying the customer’s experience. Currently, eBook consumers have to buy the book, download it onto a PC, connect the mobile to the PC and transfer the data. We’ve already seen through our experience with games, ringtones and other content types that making transactions simpler and more immediate helps increase consumer adoption. Reading eBooks is a new event for most consumers and we want to ensure that they have an easy and pleasurable initial experience. Over the years, we’ve seen that once someone tries an eBook, they are very likely to enjoy it and eBooks become part of their lifestyle while traveling, commuting and other on-the-go activities."


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