Friday, September 21, 2007

MTV Launches "Think Community" Youth Activism Social Network

Viacom's MTV on Thursday announced the beta release of a new social network, Think Community, with big-name philanthropist backers and a goal of promoting youth activism.Partners include the Case Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Goldhirsh Foundation and MCJ Amelior Foundation. The company cited a new study it conducted that found 80% of young people say taking action to help their community and others is important and the right thing to do, yet only 19% describe themselves as "very involved." The Think Community site will feature educational materials on various issues, uploaded both by members and MTV News, and help members organize themselves into groups according to issues that are important to them. members who contribute content to the site, as well as participate in real-world events, will be rewarded with "Action Badges." The project will also award grants totaling $500,000 to young people under 25 with ideas on how digital journalism can strengthen community ties. Article

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