Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wiley, Near-Time Build Book-Based Websites

Source: PublishersWeekly Article
Looking for new ways to digitally repurpose its book content, John Wiley has entered a partnership with Near-Time, a small North Carolina technology developer, to use its wiki-based software to easily turn technical books into revenue-producing, interactive online publishing platforms. Near-Time's software allows a publisher to publish book content in multiple digital formats—from content updates, text corrections and message boards to blogs and video content.

Wiki-based software allows publishers to post interconnected content permitting users multiple levels of access to the text itself, along with other digital functionality. Wiley is using Near-Time's technology to launch a pilot program using titles from its programming imprint, Wrox Press. The first title, Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0, has been posted online and is supported by advertising.

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Joel said...

Thanks for the mention. This is an exciting project. As this post is tagged with "advertising with books" and "business strategy", it may be important to note a couple things about the Near-Time platform. Publishers are using Near-Time because it offers a variety of monetization options - advertising, subscriptions, memberships, etc. It is also being used because it includes a layer of roles and permissions that let administrators maintain the integrity of authoritative content - in other words, just because the content resides in a wiki doesn't mean everyone who hits the page can edit it's contents.