Monday, October 15, 2007

Fujistsu Shows Color Ebook

Fujitsu has released its prototype color screen eBook reader called FLEPia “Ubiquitous Content Browser”. It has 4096 colors, 50 hour battery life and, with a 4gig memory card that can store 5000 books. The units, which incorporate speakers are just 12mm (half an inch) thick and update over WiFi or USB. The reflective display uses three colored panels, one each for red, green and blue, to push back three times as much light as normal reflective LCDs. The pages reportaly take a slow ten seconds to update. The resolution is low too, at 1024x768, the same as some laptops. These might be ironed out before the unit goes onto the open market. Right now, Fujitsu will sell you one as a "proof of concept". If you're a Japanese company, that is. Article

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