Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Details Mag trys advertising in eBooks

Details Magazine is working a new model of adding advertising to electronic book content. In December, they will start posting portions of their just released book, DETAILS MEN'S STYLE MANUAL, layered with relevant ads and paid links that aim to "make ads more like tools than impositions for consumers," as AdAge puts it.

Publisher Chris Mitchell tells the magazine, "Ninety-nine percent of this book is nonbranded content. It'll give you a primer for wearing gray jeans or white jeans or dark-blue jeans, but it isn't telling you what brand of jeans to wear. If we tell you within a section on jeans that blue straight-leg jeans are universally appealing, it's a natural opportunity online to have a pulldown menu where we can have advertisers give us their runway or look book or advertising shots and have those lead you to Seven For All Mankind or Levi's."

He adds: "In this day and age when everyone's looking for integrated programs, we realized that we had 250 pages of perfect content that is totally web-centric. It's not about taking the book and putting it online but about taking the book's content and repurposing it online, making it cross-referenced and tying in advertisers."

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