Friday, October 19, 2007

Booker to Provide Free Downloads?

The Times reported yesterday that talks have been underway to offer all six of the Booker shortlisted books for free online, in their entirety. They note: "Negotiations are under way with the British Council and publishers over digitising the novels and reaching parts - particularly in Africa and Asia - that the actual books would not otherwise reach. Jonathan Taylor, chairman of The Booker Prize Foundation, said that the initiative was well advanced, although details were still being thrashed out."But the only publisher cited, Jonathan Cape deputy publisher Robin Robertson (where winner Anne Enright is published), expresses a preference for posting just a sample. And the newspaper gullibly passes along that, while Bookscan showed sales for THE GATHERING of 3,306 hardcovers and 381 paperbacks before the prize was given, "Enright's publisher said that the actual figure was 35,000, including sales in Europe." Times

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DMT said...

Times Story on Electronic Bookers Was Wrong > The Times story suggesting that all of the books shortlisted for the Booker Prize might be offered online for free (after the prize has been awarded) smelled suspicious. A spokesperson for the British Council says their negotiations are actually focused on creating "an online collection of contemporary British literature including the Man Booker Prize winners in the form of e-books, which can be purchased." A test program is under discussion for 2008, and the Bookseller says it's "aimed at audiences in India, China and Africa." - As reported by PublishersLunch