Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scratch and Sniff eBooks

A survey of 600 college students conducted by pollster Zogby International found that 43 percent of students identified smell, either a new or old smell, as the quality they most liked about books as physical objects. In an attempt to persuade college students to try e-textbooks, Web site CafeScribe.com (http://cafescribe.com on Wednesday said it was launching "the world's first smelly e-book." CafeScribe Chief Executive Bryce Johnson said that from September the company will send every e-textbook purchaser a scratch and sniff sticker with a musty "old book" smell. "By placing these stickers on their computers they can give their e-books the same musty book smell they know and love from used textbooks -- without any of the residual DNA you often find stuck to the pages of used textbooks," Johnson said in a statement. Article